Back Online!

On August 8, in the morning, my DSL Internet connection in Burlington was turned off.

Tonight, August 31, at about 8:15 pm, I reconnected! I have made a choice to live without television (so far I don't miss it all) but it was a big change to live without an Internet connection. I have a bloated Dell laptop, the oversized screen is pretty to look at, but it sure is a pain to lug around. I've used the connections at local coffee shops (the closest one, right in Waterbury, is closing on Saturday) and various public libraries in the meantime but it is not the same.

If nothing else, the new connection rocks, not bad for central Vermont, not exactly the center of the broadband universe... The speed is from connecting via Ethernet to the modem. I have a wireless router but its performance was erratic and the speed degrades on the wireless connection so I think I will go with the Ethernet connection most of the time.

Blog posting has been severely curtailed for the last month and this shows in the traffic reports which look like the EKG of a dying person... (STAT! the patient is flatlining!). I am still far from settled in my new place but I will spend some more time on this in the future.

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