68 miles not driven

My bike 'parked' at my office (which is an old barn). The title of the post is a reference to the fact that I rode to work 4 days this past week, at about 17 miles per day... "68 miles not driven".

I have been assiduously commuting to work by bike. This is my small act of rebellion against climate change, sprawl, crazed fanatics in oil producing nations (and not just Arab nations: What's up with Hugo Chavez?) etc. plus I am terribly out of shape so 8.5 miles of mostly gentle uphill every morning is better than getting no exercise at all.

Vermont has a reputation for being quiet and bucolic but that isn't really true of Rt.100 which is the shortest way to get to work. It is a rather narrow and kind of curvy road with lots of traffic going way too fast. Over the years I have seen at least five accidents on this road and I didn't even drive it that often before I moved out here. People go way too fast and try and turn across traffic and it doesn't work.

I am still kind of a hypocrite (I will drive at least 150 miles this weekend, and it's not like I live off the grid -- though that would be an interesting project) but it's a small start. Another benefit is that it saves significant dollars, I have noticed this from commuting by bike before... driving is expensive.

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