Burlington Criterium photos

Just some pictures from today's races in downtown Burlington. I was only supposed to work the race for an hour or so but wound up going from 12:30 to 6:30 pretty much flat out. But the people I worked with (doing prize distribution) are very cool and organized and there were scads of people I knew there so it was pretty much like old times.

I did sneak in a few attempts at taking pictures but I was always hurried and never had time to just sit down and figure out the new camera. As I have read in various reviews, the images are pretty noisy. That is a limitation of this camera but maybe some settings would better minimize this? I will have to experiment.

The little girl holding the Vermont Teddy Bear Co. bear is pretty classic.

The realtor who acted as my 'buyer's agent' when I moved to Waterbury is in the spotted (KOM) jersey in the 3s race:

An early lap of the P-1/2 race:

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