Chasing Butterflies

A sign of fall in Vermont is the appearance of Monarch butterflies. Today I brought my new camera to work (an extra 15 oz in my bike bag) and I could see them in field behind the barn so I snuck out for 15 minutes. I still have a lot to learn about the new camera but it takes some startling images, a lot of detail is lost uploading the pictures to the web:

A rather tattered flower that will soon lose its color and fade away:

Butterflies & Goldenrod:

I think this last image is my favorite. At a time when it seems like all the news is bad news it is somehow refreshing to see something so beautiful. And in this time when the human species engages in so many different kinds of destructive behavior it is humbling to consider that all the engineers and technology in the world could not come up with a device to mimic what a little insect does: Migrate 3,000 miles or more...

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