Family Reunion/Funhouse

I went to a small family reunion this weekend at my sister's house in Maine. It was the kind of event that I really don't look forward to but once I got there it was OK and it was good to see some folks who I rarely spend time with. I have an uncle who is in the National Guard and he is halfway through a deployment in Afganistan and he was there... which was nice (he flies back on Wed.). His 'job' over there is to command a gun truck in convoys off the base, completely wrapped in body armor in 120 degree summer weather.

Like in every family there are some pretty tragic stories that have to be dealt with (madness, addiction and despair) but all in all it was a pretty positive event.

Sunday I went to the fair at Rockingham NH with my sister and my niece which was a good thing to do with my camera. It had been a few years since I went to a big fair and walked around a midway with the usual cast of carnies and off-beat characters. What a way to make a living... There are more pictures on my flickr stream (link below).

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