hypocrisy? or is it just me?

I was reading Peter Freyne's blog at 7 Days and this item about a global warming march in Burlington on Labor Day caught my eye:

I got my copy of the pledge in a nice folder handed out by Marijke Unger, a "media officer" for Greenpeace-sponsored projecthotseat.org. Marijke flew in from Greenpeace in Denver, she said. She's a Middlebury College grad. Damn, they're everywhere!

Now did "Marijke" with her roughly $120K Middlebury education ever pause to consider just how much petroleum was consumed and carbon injected into the atmosphere so she could hand out flyers at an event in Burlington Vermont? How many of the people (1000) at this march own & drive cars? How many families with multiple cars? How many SUVs? How many carpoolers? How many people drive 20+ miles to get to work?

I'm a hypocrite too because today was a perfectly nice day and I didn't take a bike to work but at least I make a small effort and hats off to Peter Freyne who is a guy who is pretty serious about using a bike as transportation around town.

But until people make some hard choices on an individual level not much will change (or, more people: less resources: market forces will help take care of the problem.)

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