Retail therapy, continued

I bought this in a funky used bookstore in Burlington today, it is an old label that was never affixed to an orange crate (maybe it was a proof?). It's old & colorful and will brighten my kitchen when I have it framed. I am sick of wandering through box stores full of crap made in China (nothing against the Chinese, but aisles and aisles of useless crap is just too depressing) but I thought the graphic was interesting and I don't mind killing an hour in a used bookstore. I am getting adept at buying frames from the box stores... and then having prints rematted at the local Waterbury frame shop...which is giving me good service and great prices.

Then on the way home I was in the box stores again and I went into Circuit City and they had the Canon 3s IS Powershot digicam on sale for $379 and I had a $40 coupon (from changing addresses)... and so I whipped out my 0% interest credit card and bought one.

More on this acquisition tomorrow. But the image above was taken with the new camera in less than ideal lighting conditions.

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