a very cool picture

I looked at the Drudge Report this morning and the site has a link to a very cool picture on the UK Daily Mail website, a French astrophotographer managed to get a picture of the space station (big waste of money) and the shuttle (a doomed, obsolete technology) silhouetted against the sun. The set up must have had lots filtering to shoot into the sun like that (which looks like an enormous egg yolk). Check it out.

In a similar vein I've enjoyed reading about the Mars Rovers because at a time when so much technology is used for either bad ends or completely frivolous purposes (we live in a bored culture, needing more and more distraction from the essential vacuity of everything) it's fun to read about some relatively low-tech dune buggies that, like a Timex(r), take a licking and keep on ticking... props to the engineering team behind these machines, they have kept functioning long after they were supposed to expire. The original shelf life of the rovers was supposed to be 90 days...and they are still driving around on Mars.

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