The Waterbury, Vermont Raptor Snack Bar

Testing my new camera, with a big 12x zoom lens and much more resolution than my old Powershot A60 (3x zoom & 2 megapixels, megapixels are not a good measure of a camera's capabilities, but 2 megapixels is pretty limiting when it comes to printing...there isn't enough information in the image to support larger prints).

There is a powerline running through the field behind my condo and Waterbury's pigeons (these birds really are ex-urbanites: I wonder what attracts them to this area) hang out there in the morning. Hopefully they provide food for the local raptor population, I am someone who thinks of pigeons as basically 'rats with wings'.

And just a shot of rain and puddles from the walkway in front of my place.

If I ever daydream about racing my bike again I could consider that I am inside and warm and dry, drinking coffee and listening to VPR, playing with image manipulation instead of suffering on a bike. As I write this (9:20 am EDT) the Mad River stage of the GMSR is starting. It's about 50 degrees and intermittent heavy rain showers are falling. There's lots of climbing and descending in this race which means that it will be a pretty miserable couple of hours for the riders. It will be cold, wet and dangerous on the descents for sure.

I also see that the Pro/1-2 event was cancelled yesterday: I wonder what the story is? The results of this stage were nullified last year as well. This does not bode well for the race in the future. There's too much traffic and not enough toleration of racing for this kind of thing to run successfully. (The egotism and bad behavior of bike racers is also a major contributing factor.)

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