"Interestingness" at last: Popularity on Flickr

I was reading a blog about financial services (a discussion of google/you tube) and the point was made, and I think it is very true, that you tube, and by implication, flickr (photo hosting site) are not about video or pictures... they are variants on social networking sites like myspace or facebook.

This is partly why my little flickr stream is largely ignored by the world: I rarely participate in groups and never leave comments about other people's stuff. I know when I see stuff that is good it usually has been commented on extensively so one more "this is cool" doesn't seem that important in the grand scheme of things. Also many of the pictures in my stream are quite prosaic although some people have told me that they have enjoyed seeing them.

Flickr, which has 1M users and hosts (allegedly) over 60M photos, has something called "interestingness" which means - I guess - a photo that is interesting, which is a totally subjective judgment. Every day there are 500 photos selected that are deemed 'interesting'... and for the first time one of my photos made the cut (some users have had many, many photos included in this pool).

Having the picture of the monarch butterfly (taken in front of the Montpelier, VT, post office) tagged as "interesting" means that it has been viewed over 40 times in less than two days. I'll keep trying and I have started posting my pictures to more groups, who knows, perhaps I will start commenting on other user's stuff. My little photo stream will soon pass 1,000 views... by way of comparison this photostream has accumulated over 400,000 views (it is helpful to be pretty and a little risque sometimes), but talent and originality also come into play.

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