Waterbury Revealed Redux: More prosaic pictures

One of the things I like about having this blog is that it is really just some free directory space for me to post inconsequential things like a few random photos from another sleepy Saturday in central Vermont.

When I ride my bike to work I ride by what's left of "Harold's Auction Barn" with the abandoned "Tony's Hot Dogs" truck: neither business appears to be thriving.

Look carefully: This is actually a pretty cool photograph, and is a testimony both to the camera and the extreme clearness of the water: See the fish?

There was a small fireworks display in town tonight to celebrate the restoration of Waterbury's old railroad depot. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will operate a cafe there; I wonder if it will have wi-fi? There used to be a coffeeshop in town with a kick-ass wireless connection but it closed on Labor Day.

My dad gave me a small gas grill (ordered from Amazon.com) as a housewarming/birthday gift. Thanks Dad! Putting this thing together took a good part of the morning but I had the gas cyclinder filled this afternoon at the hardware store... hit the ignition button and she fired right up (I was somewhat surprised). Now I can grill slabs of meat with impunity, as Martha Stewart would say, 'that's a good thing'.

The corn was almost certainly the last of the season, there was a hard frost here last night, in the mid 20's.

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