Barre: Downtown and Hope Cemetery

These are just more pictures of Barre, documenting the decline of the downtown. Wal-Mart opened a store in a nearby mall and consequently several local stores have closed, the downtown is not thriving. When I graduated college (20 years ago) I wound up working at a publishing firm located just south of here, and Barre was the nearest 'big' town, and I can remember shopping at some of the places that have now closed.

Homer Fitts was a true dinosaur; a small independent department store. It closed early this year.

Brooks just moved but no one has taken the old space:

Lash was a furniture store that closed, it's a great old building, but I can't imagine a new business moving into such a large space with conditions there as they are at present.

Elia Corti was murdered at the Labor Hall (see previous post) in 1903.

On the way home from this trip I went to the mall with the Wal-Mart (I hadn't been in this place in at least 15 years, as it is nothing special, and not very prosperous). The Wal-Mart was playing sacred music (Ave Maria!) on the PA system and was all decked out for Christmas two weeks before Thanksgiving. I know it is a cliche to comment on this but I didn't care for this experience at all (I rarely go to malls) and I soon fled the scene without spending any of my money.

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