Election follow up: How is Rich Tarrant like a can of Campbell's Soup?

...The answer is, he's not. Campbell's soup conveys a clearly defined, positive message...something the Tarrant campaign never seemed to get around to. While I don't share most Vermonter's adulation of the shrill and humorless Bernie Sanders -- who, it must be said, apparently does know how to deliver constituent services -- like most people, I found the Tarrant campaign to be distasteful, and I'm glad it's over.

Campbell's brand message: "mmm mmm good!"

Tarrant campaign message: "umm, I have lots of money, I can buy lots of advertising, but umm, beyond that?"

I think the worst Tarrant ad was the TV spot featuring some elderly Vermonter carrying on about some vote cast by Sanders in the past, and this old guy is rattling on about how Sanders was in favor of letting child molesters loose or something... and it came across as really lecherous, creepy and dirty. [Like, it made me imagine the narrator committing unnatural acts with the cows in the barn.] Who needs that? Anyway Tarrant lost convincingly and spent over $80 per vote in a self indulgent, self financed campaign. I can think of a lot better ways to spend $7M than to fill the coffers of WCAX with a bunch of slick but content-less ads.

And what is it about Vermont Senate seats and wealthy Republicans? Tarrant followed the ignominious path first travelled by Jack McMullen... who was defeated by movie star/dairy farmer Fred Tuttle in the 1998 Republican primary.

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