Men at work on a Saturday in Montpelier

More mostly uninteresting pictures that are part of my learning curve with my new camera, taken on a Saturday in Montpelier, the small capital of this small state. It was the first time I had walked around here in a long time.

Montpelier is presided over by Ceres, goddess of agriculture, but perhaps a god of industry would be appropriate as well?

This was a mid October day with brilliant blue skies and no haze...truly one of the best days of the year.

Painting. I know these pictures are the very definition of 'prosaic' but I am still learning the new camera and wanted to take pictures of something other than butterflies, mushrooms, the moon, etc. -- my usual subjects.

The Langdon Street Bridge has been replaced, and the contract stipulated big penalties if the project was not completed on time, hence the weekend work.

Apparently it doesn't take much to draw a crowd in Montpelier on a Saturday.

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