November Churchyard

I like November; the gray stripped down landscape is somehow appealing, and it is also something of an interruption between the traffic and congestion of foliage season and the enforced saccharine bonhomie of a ski resort town in winter.

Just some images from the graveyard in Stowe, the sun is low in the sky and consequently the light is pale, wan and watery. Lines from "Elegy written in a Country Churchyard" seem appropriate, especially as the stone carver made typos (I can empathize) and had spacing issues on many of the tombstones:

Yet ev'n these bones from insult to protect
Some frail memorial still erected nigh,
With uncouth rhymes and shapeless sculpture deck'd,
Implores the passing tribute of a sigh.

The epitath (note spacing issues) reads "Behold my friends as you pass by / As you are now so once was I / As I am now so you must be / So prepare for death & follow me.


Cathy said...

Hey, I linked to this post and used one of your photos on my blog. I hope that's ok. I credited you as best I could.

I'm really enjoying your photos. Please keep them coming.

Cathy said...

I see that my blogger profile doesn't come up when you click on my name, so I'll just point out that I'm Cathy from Seven Days.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

oooh Jeff! You are on 802 Online! Congrats on this great post! These are beautiful cemetery photos. Jinx! You owe me a Coke cause i just posted cemetery photos too (not as nice though), must be the season for cemeteries.

here is more of an egyptian tomb inscription:

The bowman is ready.
The wrongdoer is everywhere.
There is no man of yesterday.
A man goes out to plow with his shield.
A man smites his brother, his mother's son.
Men sit in the bushes until the benighted traveler comes, in order to plunder his load.
The robber is a possessor of riches.

yankunian said...

Hey, nice to see another blogger from Waterbury... that makes two of us.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the link from 802Online, interestingly, I got a couple of visits from the UK from it, perhaps sevendaysvt.com has a global reach & readership?

And Eva, I will gladly buy you a Coke, or something stronger, sometime.