P T C E #2 (more White Rock Mountain)

Just an unimaginative follow up to the previous post. The trail up White Rock Mountain from the Middlesex side of the Worcester Range is quite easy; suitable for the unfit, the relatively unprepared and ill-dressed, very young, old, etc. It really is just a peaceful walk in the woods though it does gain 1500 feet in elevation.

The trailhead, however, is located off of North Bear Swamp Road (not E Bear Swamp Rd, and not S Bear Swamp Rd...) and to call this a 'road' is a gross libel, and an extremely generous and expansive use of the term 'road'. I didn't even drive in all the way in my little Focus because I couldn't tell if it was the road, or a logging road for use by trucks and skidders, or someone's disused driveway that would dead-end in front of a trailer with cars up on blocks in the yard and lots of mean dogs running loose.

McMansions on the hill. Two things are evident in this photo of Mt. Mansfield:

1) The almost total lack of snow (even man made snow -- it's been too warm)

2) The bare November woods show the big houses creeping up the side of the mountain, a pox upon the land. Stowe Mountain Resort is putting in a huge and expensive, very upscale development right at the base of Smugglers Notch; they are trying to position themselves as a four season resort, but still, who wants to come to Vermont to watch cold rain fall all winter... which is pretty much what happened last ski season.

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