Post Thanksgiving Caloric Expenditure

And now for something completely new (at least on this blog)... I bought a new camera on Labor Day, it is a Canon Powershot s3 is; it is not a dSLR but has many dSLR-like features, most of the time I am just leaving it in manual mode and finding the best settings to use by trial and error. One of the distinguishing features of this camera is that it has excellent video capablities.

After I had to drag myself to work on Friday for a few hours I managed to hike a small local mountain on Saturday. It's the end of November and there is not much snow and ice evident, even on the high peaks of the Presidential Range, more evidence of climate change. It was a great day to be out as it was nice and quiet in the woods and there was plenty of warm hazy sunshine.

Anyway I did find some ice with water running under it that looked either like a) nature's lava lamp or b) sperm (recalling old sex ed film strips of my youth) so I shot some video of this, and then a murky panorama of the summit, and when I got home I hacked around with Windows Movie Maker, and voila! The sound clip is just something that came with the pc as a sample but it sort of works. Eva has nothing to worry about...I'm sure better videos are mashed together every day in elementary schools around the country.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

Oooh cool! I WORRY, but that is because I like to wrry. I think it is great you are doing video! Will watch after work!

Eva the Deadbeat said...

dig the video and the sperm/water is super cool looking. i say, make more vids!

Jeff said...

Thanks Eva. Maybe I'll try and make a moving-themed video Christmas 'card'. I like your new graphic that is a very fetching picture of you. Your face does not look like a 'plate'.