Thanksgiving 2006

To the very far-flung (and relatively few) readers of this blog, Happy Thanksgiving. Without delving into the whole sad saga of the fate of the North American Indians, Thanksgiving is a much more wholesome holiday than Christmas, which (as many have noted, it is a very trite observation) has devolved into a grotesque festival of capitalism based on buying things (Nov. 24 is "Buy Nothing Day" -- I want a buy nothing life...).

I mention far-flung readers because I noticed that someone in Mongolia (!) spent some time here. A Peace Corps volunteer in an Internet cafe in Ulan Bator? If so, thanks for being there and I admire what you've done and who knows, perhaps I will join some day. Or perhaps a university student learning English? Who knows? This blog is becoming more pictures and less words but some people have told me that it is at least slightly interesting so thanks.

Visitor from Mongolia:

For the first time in my adult life I went all out and cooked a traditional Thanksgiving meal for myself (the fact that I wasn't alone provided some incentive). The turkey soaked in brine overnight in a sap bucket and the roasting pan set up was definitely cobbled together, the bird sat on an inverted tray from an old long-lost toaster oven. Surprisingly it all came out really well and I was happy with the outcome.

Bird skewered together, it looked bizzare but worked quite well!

Out of the oven (bird 'resting' in a different pan, Martha Stewart I am not):

Just a couple of autumnal images:

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