Eva, The Deadbeat Club, her blog, and stupid Google tricks

I have known Eva, the madly creative, very funny and ultra talented auteur behind The Deadbeat Club, (a show on Burlington's public access TV channel) for over a year now, mostly vicariously through email. One Sunday evening I was mired in job-hunting inspired despair and happened upon her program quite by accident and liked it (the program celebrates its opposition to the mundane workaday world), so I sent Eva an email saying "your show is fabulous" which she appreciated. Then I watched more of her videos and I sent her a second email "umm, how long does this project take you...?" as this program incorporates a lot of different media (film, tv, music)edited together and is quite elaborate. I think it is pretty amazing that one person can do this repeatedly, the show has been on the air for two plus years now.

We managed to keep in touch even as I moved out of Burlington and can't watch DBC on cable anymore, just segments on You Tube and even as Eva (very self depreciating person sometimes) once threatened to 'stick her head in an oven'. She recently emailed me "let's meet for coffee sometime" so we did get together at one of Burlington's many coffee shops on a rainy Saturday.

As part of this I sent her the link to my Happy Birthday post only because it includes some pictures of me, for ID purposes only... Anyway she started reading this blog, (surprisingly) liked it, and wrote about it on her own very elaborate blog, with links. Then 802Online (run by Cathy Resmer) picked it up and added a link.

The consquences of these links to this feeble and very self absorbed attempt at blogging are that a search for "a midnight modern conversation" on Google shows that my blog is now ranked #2 for this term. Google uses links as a key determinant in how it ranks sites and I guess links from two far more active blogs than this one were enough to push me close to the top. When I started this I was kind of surprised that no one had used Midnight Modern Conversation as the title of a blog (maybe Hogarth is out of fashion with the blogging set) but the name seems kind of apropos: So thanks ladies!

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

HURRAH! i doubt me and my piddly blog had much to do with your google heights but if it did, I AM GLAD (me thinks Cathy's far more popular blog did the real muscle work)! Digging the great pics and writing and man, they are reading in Mongolia! Hello!?