Christmas Trip: Newport, RI

I spent the Christmas holiday on a road trip through Boston to Newport Rhode Island. On the way down I saw "Blue Man Group" in Boston, it was a pretty funny and entertaining show. The show was in a surprisingly small theater so it was not at all like some large scale arena spectacular, and after the show the three 'Blue Man' performers shook hands with departing theater goers... which I thought was unusual (if I had just performed in such a high energy production in full makeup, I would want to hit the showers as soon as possible).

Just some random pictures from the trip:

Newport bridge by night:

and by day:

Modest Newport housing (mansions along the Ciff Walk, which was beautiful, deserted, and balmy on Christmas morning):

Kind of a silly picture:

Floating out to sea:

Wreath, gate, mansion: Merry Christmas!

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