Darkness hides the lack of snow

It has been unseasonably warm in Vermont so far this season, the ground isn't really frozen, grass is still surprisingly green, and it is quite mild. This has created something of a buzz in the media and on various blogs and politicians are starting to discuss this openly. Maybe this weather is just a blip or abberation but I don't think so.

Since I've lived in Vermont (moved here in 1985) I can remember -30 degree nights, blizzards, skiing across Lake Champlain to the New York side, snowshoe hikes on very cold winter days, playing pond hockey... and I think that these may end up nothing but distant memories. Winter tourism is big business in Vermont and it's not even cold enough for the Alpine resorts to make snow consistently, and it must be hurting the retailers, because there is a lot less incentive to purchase winter gear when winter is noticeably shorter and milder than in even the quite recent past.

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