I have acquired a "Bumbeck": 'The Attack'

My friend Stefan Bumbeck, who was an excellent bike racer in his day (one of the 'strong, fast' people I was happy to be able to keep up with in the local practice criterium series) is also an artist, and he recently had an exhibition of his work at a local bar (which is kind of a bohemian place).

The paintings in the exhibition were a mix of images of old school bike racers and images of robots. The robot paintings didn't attract as much attention but the bike racing paintings (to me at least) were quite striking. The crowd at the opening was pretty funny, a mix of the people one would expect at an opening... with a smattering of bike racing types mixed in.

Unbeknownst to me, someone who is quite close to me contacted Stefan and purchased on his paintings for me as a quite extravagant and very appropriate housewarming gift. I wasn't as gracious as I could have been upon receipt of this (I thought it was much too much) but it is a very perceptive and touching gift. It is also funny that I know two other people who have purchased Stefan's painting and these guys are racing cyclists not art collectors.

The image is the very old photo that Stefan used as inspiration. Bike racing for all its problems and strange behaviors is still a tough sport with lots of suffering and this shows clearly in the images.

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