Missing "Freyneland"

Vermont (specifically Burlington) has an alt-weekly, Seven Days, which I do read, even though it is trendy, politically correct and takes itself too seriously sometimes -- in other words, it mirrors much of the lefty hipster college town community. Two things I always read in this paper are the job ads -- a cash cow for the paper, they have undercut the local Gannett publication's usurious prices, and I have been on a pretty much endless job search for most of this decade, so even now, when I'm not really looking, the first thing I read every week is the back section of the paper.

The other section that I read without fail is the political gossip column "Inside Track" by Peter Freyne. I didn't share the straight lefty perspective of the writer and found his worship of Bernie Sanders to be extremely irritating (and before that, he was completely enthralled with the idea of "President Howard Dean" until that operation went off the tracks). However the column is a sharp and gossipy take on politics in this very small state and is an entertaining and sometimes informative read.

Peter Freyne recently started a blog "Freyneland" which I think I enjoyed more than his column in that it was partly political but also consisted of a guy with deep roots in Burlington roaming around (on a bike! -- Peter is someone who uses a bike for transportation around town, I used to see him on his bike all the time, when I lived in Burlington) with a digicam recording his daily observations and encounters with ordinary people as well as with more political types. I thought that this was a good use of 'blogging' and that it did cover things that stayed out of the mainstream media.

Peter announced on his blog last week that he has been diagnosed with cancer and is immediately starting a course of chemotherapy. Rather than just leaving a comment 'get well soon' with 60+ other people on his blog, I would post this here, I wish him the best, the paper, and the local blogging scene, will be less lively without him.

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