The new reality of 'winter'

The view out my kitchen window this morning. The weather has been a huge topic of discussion around here this 'winter'... which hasn't been very winterlike at all, so far. The local economy is tied to tourism (skiing) and I can't imagine that it is too easy to coax people to leave Boston or New York (where fruit trees are blossoming, now) to come to Vermont to experience mud, rain and shades of gray. It's not very Currier & Ives -like at all.

These old photos, taken just 3 years ago, show what winter could be like. It was February, I wasn't working (long story), and a friend called me on a Monday morning "Let's ski across Lake Champlain" so we drove down to the Basin Harbor Club (live image of the lake) and headed out across the solidly frozen expanse. I remember that I almost died trying to ski around some long disused (19th century) quarries on the NY side of the lake. The pictures were taken in front of an immense icefall and it was a brilliant winter day, the glacier glasses were not an affectation.

I have seen An Inconvenient Truth and I do think that things are changing, fast. I don't mind that it doesn't cost much to heat my place when it is 50 degrees in January but a 5 month long mud season will be pretty depressing, and I have multiple pairs of skis, snowshoes and other gear collecting dust in my garage. I still don't know many people who have changed their lifestyles (myself included, except in some small ways) because of this.

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

egads, it is frightening! have not gone skiing once yet this measly "winter." poo.

congrats on your Cathy link dump!