"Not Bowling Alone"

Part of having a blog is I feel sometimes like a wild animal (a wild turkey, perhaps?) constantly scratching and foraging for 'content' instead of food (this is further complicated by the fact that I do not discuss my current job here, which is a pretty big chunk of my life). So here is a video I put together about a bowling party I attended. The event was supposed to be a sledding party but the very inadequate winter of 2006/07 put the kibosh on that idea. I fully realize that this falls into the category of 'no interest to anyone unless you were there' but here it is:

I also read in the Wall Street Journal that there is a startup company in Silicon Valley with lots of venture capital funding that is busy working on a spider that will remotely troll the Internet looking for copyrighted materials/violations... If this spider works, perhaps one morning I will wake up and discover that half the Internet (and most, if not all, of YouTube) has disappeared overnight.

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