Stevenson Brook, 3 months on, little has changed

This past Sunday was a nice, warm (about 40 degrees) January day, so I went over to Little River State Park to go for a walk in the woods.

This picture was taken when I was having my bear encounter at the end of September, 2006.

This was taken in the same spot in January, 2007. Other than the fact that the leaves are gone, the scene looks exactly the same. There's no snow or ice at all and the ground isn't frozen. It did not feel or look at all like January.

Taken at the ruins of an old sawmill along the trail, I'm guessing that VBCo stands for Vermont Brick Company:

I heard a news report on VPR about the winter weather and they reported that it has been a great season for mosses:

I wonder how long before people start making economic/lifestyle decisions based on this? It was a really warm balmy autumn here in 2006, and I did not purchase a Nordic ski pass at one of the areas, because I guessed that this winter would be warm as well... this decision has been vindicated so far. And I saw that Trapps was discounting their season passes in December so perhaps I am not alone in thinking this way.

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

JEEZ! that is crazy! those 2 pics are like two different plants, eco-systems! EEK!!! the end of the world seems near - or some massive changes at least are afoot!