The Winter Woods

"Better late than never": Winter has finally arrived with lots of cold and some snow. And it feels doubly sharp and biting because Vermont has been basking in 50 degree temperatures for far too long this season.

Here is a picture of Stevenson Brook to match the images in this post, there is plenty of snow and ice now:

This video did not turn out the way I wanted. I knew at the time that a clip of me snowshoeing is about the most uninteresting thing imaginable. What I was trying to capture was the sound of the woods -- the wind was moaning through the trees, and the trees were groaning and creaking in the wind. The camera, however, has a wind filter on the sound pickup so the main thing the camera recorded was my labored breathing -- I sound like a heavy smoker. It was far too cold (low teens f, and windy) to play with camera settings.

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