Cabin Fever Pictures

In Vermont, the autumn of 2006 was unusually warm and balmy, and this carried over into about mid-January. Then it turned cold and dry (a weather pattern similar to the Canadian prairies) and then in mid-February there was the big blizzard...so we are going on a month and a half of true winter. It's kind of nice but it does take a toll and I think I am ready to be warm again.

I had to go to the optometrist today because the dryness and cold has irritated my eyes (long story, my eyesight basically sucks, lots of issues) and I brought my camera. I rarely use it indoors or take photos of people so this is an attempt at something new. My camera (Canon Powershot s3is) has some limitations that make it less than ideal for this.

Stowe Coffee Shop

Picnic tables waiting for spring

I have lived in Vermont for almost 20 years, and now I live 5 minutes from the Ben & Jerry's plant in Waterbury (#1 tourist attraction in Vermont) but until today I had never taken the plant tour. They were having a winter festival, so it was free admission.

I am actually not a huge fan of this company, either the politics of the founders and its self-proclaimed mission (though it is now owned by Unilever -- which makes me think of soap), or its products -- it's like eating butter, but as I noted, it is literally in my backyard. Also having their plant here is a major tax benefit to Waterbury so I shouldn't complain too much.

Waterbury is also home to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and sometimes when the wind is right the smell of roasting coffee fills the air.

And, one last image from today, there isn't much light pollution around here, so I am able to get some pretty amazing moon shots:

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