DIY skiing at Waterbury Dam

I went snowshoeing for a couple of hours today. For some foolish reason I was compelled to try and go bushwhacking, which, given that there currently is almost three feet of fluffy uncompressed new snow, was an unwise thing to do -- it was more like swimming than anything else. Avalanche warnings are posted in the backcountry and I would certainly think twice before trying to traverse steep open chutes because the snowpack would shift and settle under me as I waded through it -- and I was always in the trees. There would be a clearly audible but muffled sound as large areas of snow shifted under me.

I saw a couple of deer and tried to take pictures of them as they didn't bolt once they saw me (perhaps perceiving that I could hardly move forward at all) but the pictures didn't work out.

Once I emerged (covered in snow) from the woods, however, this was the scene at the dam, for some reason I thought it was really quite funny:

More pictures of the same place in a different season can be found here.

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