Fame but no fortune redux: A picture in the Waterbury Record

Back in October 2006, I took some pictures of a small local cyclocross race which were picked up, quite surprisingly, by the Burlington Free Press. Now there is a new weekly newspaper in Waterbury, of course the big Valentine's Day blizzard was major news, and this publication said "send us your pictures", so I did.

They actually offered to PAY me for photos which was quite surprising and I declined. There was also quite a bit of back and forth about file formats which ended with me telling them to use what they had or to not run anything at all. I also asked them to print my blog address but that seems to have not happened...

After all that, they managed to spell my name wrong! Who the hell is Jeff Gaultier? Should I adopt a nom de plume?

My little flickr photostream has been largely ignored by the flickr community for two reasons: 1) the pictures are prosaic and boring & 2) -- more importantly I think -- I really have not participated in flickr as a social networking site, I don't leave many comments, tag my photos extensively, and don't join many groups. So I must confess, that it is somewhat vindicating, that I have been able to get my stuff published, because I am sure that this isn't the case for most of the flickr community. So there. (Actually there are some amazing photos on flickr, it's just that I am not very adept at 'social networking'.)

My blizzard pictures can be seen here and the editor of the Waterbury Record was very encouraging ("we love your stuff") so perhaps I will submit more photos, and maybe even get paid, in the future...

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