Monkey see, monkey do: More skiing at Waterbury Dam

I knew that after seeing people skiing on the dam yesterday that I would have to return today to try it for myself. The weather was quite harsh -- snow and wind -- but it wasn't too cold and climbing the dam five times certainly made me sweat.

I did this both to amuse myself and also to try and learn how to turn my backcountry skis in a tree-less environment. I have some Alpine skiing experience and have skied cross country at some quite hilly places...but these experiences haven't helped me too much in the woods.

I did make some progress I guess and my gear is not a full-on tele package and I don't think that the skis are designed to be pushed really hard on downhills -- they lack a certain snap or resiliency especially when cutting through crud.

I brought my GPS with me and it provides a quite humorous record of this experience, it is an entry level unit and hence there is a certain amount of variation in how the tracks are plotted and in the inconsistencies of the elevations on the profile:

An interesting picture looking down the face of the dam, almost at the top.

The way down. The snow was several feet deep.

The weather was quite harsh at the top, winds and blowing snow, it was like being sandblasted:

These images were taken with my old Canon A60 which is smaller than my other camera, and is old fashioned by the standards of today's digicams, but it still gets the job done.

This is the sort of blog post that could potentially get me into trouble but I was not the only person using the dam for this purpose and the snow is measured in feet, not inches, so I don't think we were causing any damage.

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