A Sugar Day in the Bolton Valley Backcountry

After today, if I never used my backcountry gear again, I would still say that I got my money's worth. Bolton Valley is claiming that they have received over 5 feet of snow in February and I believe them and I can attest, the snow is mostly all still there....

Everytrail is just an new service I am trying out, I'm not sure if it's quite ready for primetime but it is fully interactive and includes a Google Earth converter which is pretty cool. Like many other web services these days it lets users share files (photos, videos, whatever) only this is a sharing/hosting service for GPS files. There aren't many users yet from what I can see.

The profile from today. After this experience, I am tired... and my body aches, but in a good way.

The scene setting out at about 11:30 am.

I bought some "kicker skins" for my skis, they work pretty well, and are easier to work with than full-length skins, but obviously don't provide as much grip.

I came back down this trail in the late afternoon as I was heading back down the mountain. The area is quite remote, not patrolled, and I was alone (which is not recommended). I made sure to be cautious because if I had become incapacitated... I might have a very cold (perhaps fatally cold) night on the mountain. Part of being in such places involves acceptance of what might happen, even if you are prepared, and don't knowingly do stupid shit. It can be risky out there. But I have always believed that sitting at home drinking beer, eating chips and watching TV is more likely to kill you than being outdoors.

Miles and miles of trails like this (though there were some much steeper sections).

I was thinking about this blog (of all things) as I was slogging away uphill starting out; maybe I will make this blog into an irregularly updated journal of my misadventures large and small in the outdoors. Right now this blog really has no theme and I keep it going in the face of crushing indifference, no one reads it... I think a change in editorial direction may be in order.

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

crushing indifference? ;( and what do you mean no one reads it? look at your popular clustrmap!?!