Tracks #2 & skiing on the reservoir

Evidence in the snow of pigeons on my doorstep. The bird didn't knock or otherwise try to get in, and must have went away hungry.

When I was hiking on Camels Hump in December I saw some turkey tracks that looked exactly like this... but much, much larger (10x at least -- the turkey tracks were a good 3 inches long).

And some photos from skiing on & around Waterbury Reservoir this afternoon. It was kind of partly sunny when I started but then clouded up and snowed as I was heading back. These are color photos... the grayness nonwithstanding. I was pretty happy with the performance of my ski gear which I didn't get to use much last year. I wish I had a GPS track of this experience but the GPS was working when I left the house, but not working when I parked my car.

Birches against the snow:

The long route back (down, turn left, about 1 mile more)

I skied, very gracelessly, down through the woods in the background:

Grubby self portrait, evidence of a runny nose,
it was a cold day:

With all the debates about global warming and the recent release of the latest climate change report, when I'm doing something like this I wonder if it (skiing across frozen lakes, etc.) will become relatively rare -- or finally impossible -- in the course of my lifetime. And I know that by driving my car today I did my bit to contribute to the problem... (though I didn't drive far, where I started skiing is probably less than 5 miles from my house).

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