Absolutely, positively the last ski experience of 2006-07

Just a couple of images from skiing in Cotton Brook on Tuesday evening after work, the snow wasn't quite as good as my previous time there but it was still a fun couple of hours away from it all.

It was the vernal equinox and the changing of the seasons was clearly evident as there is now lots of open water on the river and the snowpack is diminishing day by day (almost hour by hour when the sun is out).

As I was heading back I saw some very large predator tracks of some sort, I don't know what animal made them, but they were quite large. The eastern coyote is actually a mongrel with lots of wolf genes apparently; whatever this was, was big -- enough to give me pause as I skied through the still woods in the twilight.

The winter started warm and balmy but eventually the snow did come and I spent a lot of time on my backcountry touring skis, and as the snow was deep, broke a lot of trail (image below taken 3/17). This is a very hard workout and I feel pretty good physically and am looking forward to starting to ride my bike to work again. I had a three month gym membership this winter but I am someone who would much prefer to be outside.

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