Changes day to day

The scene yesterday morning:

The scene today as a messy winter storm moves in. It won't be as big as the Valentine's Day blizzard and hopefully it will be more snow than sleet and freezing rain.

The changes in the weather mirror changes in my personal life. Yesterday I was in a 'relationship' with someone -- which had started in Sept. 2006 -- and today I am reverting back to my natural solitary state. There were many issues between us and it may have been a fundamental clash of expectations but still it makes me sad. I am not from the 'get naked' school of blogging so I won't say more than that.

I will say, however, that my girlfriend disliked this blog and despised the time I invested in it -- seeing it as an exercise in obsessive self-absorption; I suppose I am guilty as charged. I am beginning to see this blog not as a completely open-ended ongoing project but as something that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. I'm not sure that the benefits of keeping it going outweigh the tendency to exaggerate certain of my personality traits that are probably better left concealed. And, one of the very few consistent themes that runs through it is my general dubiousness about online social networking.

That being said, the blog does serve as a little bit of server space of my own (or really Google's) where I can post prosaic pictures, boring videos, trip reports and homages to artists that I like. A few people have let me know they like it so there are some upsides to keeping it going as well.

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