Cold Moon Setting

The view out my bedroom window this morning, the photo has lost some detail because it was taken through a (dirty) window as it was far too cold to go outside at 6:30 am -- another -18 F morning.
Writing about the weather is prosiac, mundane and boring but I try and live a relatively 'uninsulated' life -- it's not like I live in a yurt or something, but all things considered, I don't like sitting around passively absorbing 'content', I prefer to get outside and do something, and then come back and post ensuing pictures/video/gps tracks here. The weather (extremes of cold, heat, rain, snow, etc.) does impact this. Today is supposed to warm up quite a bit and I have visions of leaving work at 3:30 and skiing for a couple of hours -- it is supposed to thaw this weekend, so it might be my last backcountry excursion of the year.

It's all very exciting I know.

And I see that Vermont made the (ridiculously right wing) Opinion page of the Wall Street Journal today in a piece mocking the news that Burlington was voted the #1 Green City in the US in some publication. I tend to agree with the journal's rather sarcastic take on things because I think that Chittenden County is choking on cars and that what many people want from living in Vermont (ie, a big house with a big yard in the country, with a view of the mountains and the lake) is inherently destructive. I know very few people who consciously try and reduce the amount of miles that they drive (when I lived in Burlington, there were many times I took the College Street Shuttle downtown, and basically had the bus all to myself). And I don't know anyone who lives off the grid, which is obviously a more complicated thing to do. I know I am generalizing here but I do think that there is more to being a 'green city' than being able to buy organic arugla at City Market for $9/pound. Things have not reached a tipping point yet.

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

Beautiful moon pics and well said!