Fame but no web traffic: A mention on 802Online

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity -- Ecclesiastes

Cathy Resmer of 802Online (blog at Seven Days) likes some of the images that show up here, which I do appreciate, as she does have a public forum where she can highlight 'Vermont blogs of quality'. This week she showcased my little 'As clouds go by' video... Thanks.

I have been expending some mental energy lately trying to think of a strategy to make this blog more 'attractive' --- ie, draw more visitors. Unfortunately the traffic report for the last seven days shows the magnitude of the problem:

(btw Statcounter is an excellent free web tracking package, I like it. I wish blogger and Google Analytics worked better together, but they don't, so I have moved on.)

I don't know, I will keep the blog going, it is kind my hope that if someone from the other side of the world (not a bot crawling the web, indexing unread content) -- but a real person -- somehow came across it they would have a rather quirky, not touristy & saccharine, perspective on living in Vermont. I also use it as a public photo scrapbook because I really don't have patience to deal with the social aspects of flickr (and I am too cheap to buy the misnamed flickr "Pro" account). Lastly I do use it to try and keep my writing skills sharp even though I do notice some disconcerting tendencies in my aging brain's ability to string words together these days. And I know that much of the content that shows up here (snow falling, the sun rising, etc.) isn't exactly scintillating. It's kind of like watching paint dry.

And, recently, someone did come across this page and spent some time here. Unfortunately he (I assume this is the case) did not find what he was looking for:

Search terms this person used included "speedos", "gay speedos", "boy brazil", and "boyz1000". Hmmm, I don't quite know what to make of this.

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