Mt. Hunger summit video

Just a short video taken from the Mt. Hunger summit on 3/12/07. I deliberately turned off the wind filter on the camera so it would record more of what it is like to be on top of a mountain in a moderately strong wind... I have been in high places before in stronger winds than this.

From Mt. Hunger I bushwhacked over to White Rock from Mt. Hunger which was a kind of a silly thing to do as the snow was very deep and the trees concealed some impassable obstacles, ie, deep gullies with sheer sides. It's a very remote area and I was alone (as usual) and it is always at the back of my mind not to do something stupid and become immobilized because chances are that no one will come along to rescue me if required.

Then I punched through the evergreens on the top of White Rock and it was great cutting across the side of the mountain through open birch groves. Snowshoes are great. Three seasons of the year, something like this would be mucky and would involve fighting through lots of underbrush. But in the winter with deep snow it's just a smooth free fall down the mountain. The GPS track isn't complete because the batteries died, I think I need to purchase a new set of rechargeables.

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