The photographic record of my Saturday

A series of photos from a Saturday morning back in my old stomping grounds in and around Burlington.

Breakfast at Sneakers in Winooski.

A haircut at Main St. Barbers -- that's not me getting clipped.

There was a demonstration against the war in Iraq in front of City Hall. I used it as an opportunity to take candid photos of people while I was waiting for my ride back to Waterbury.

The person who was searching for 'gay speedos' on this blog would enjoy this photo.

Some "Veterans Against the War" were present.

This speaker painted a grotesquely utopian picture of pre-invasion Iraq, ruled by Saddam.

I don't like the war in Iraq & I don't think it is ever going to solve anything. It is gross hubris to think that the United States has an obligation to put Iraqi society together again: It's not my problem if these people want to kill each other. I think it is obscene the way the current regime in Washington wants to fight this war without expecting any kind of sacrifice from those at home. If President Bush thinks the war (cornerstone of his eight-year presidency) is so important then why can't he look people in the eye and slap a big fat tax on gas to pay for it? And of course when it comes to providing wounded veterans with adequate health care... that's just another government program that Republicans are always bitching about.


cresmer said...

That's funny--you snapped a shot of 7D photographer Matt Thorsen and our art director, Diane Sullivan. Matt's the guy in the green coat, near the end, doing something with his fingers in his mouth. Diane's behind him. They were taking a picture for the paper this week.

Jeff said...

In the 'so much for objective journalism dept.' he was whistling to show approval for something one of the speakers said.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

but WHO is the naked man in the window? ;)