Still winter in the backcountry

Skytop Trail, accessed via the Trapps trail network, Sunday March 18th. This photo was taken at about 2700 ft elevation.

It was a day of full-on winter conditions, lots of fresh snow, lots of falling snow, wind and blowing snow, and cold, the photo doesn't do it justice. The Skytop trail is a backcountry trail and as such isn't groomed or patrolled.

Our group (only three people) didn't have enough horsepower to break trail through the new deep snow so we turned back not too far into the trip. (We still had to climb from the lodge past the cabin and then into the woods, lots of elevation gain). I'd like to try it again sometime, maybe next year, and in less testing conditions. The wind was very harsh.

I did this on Sunday after also skiing at Little River (my winter playground) on Saturday, I went further than I should have (7 miles, breaking trail for about 1/3 of the loop) and had a show at the Flynn Theater to get to in the evening, so I looked at my watch at a point where I was very far from my car... and started motoring on my backcountry skis, I didn't stop for nothing, just hammering along through the new, deep snow.

The consequences of all this trail breaking on skis in the course of two days were that I was pretty wrecked on Monday when I crawled into work... it reminded me of my bike racing days when I would do race weekends down in southern New England and get back late on Sunday totally destroyed and would use Monday at work to simply recover.

I also have to say that a Trapps trail pass is $18 per day and that this is a shocking amount of money to pay for the privilege of using their trail system. They have reached my pain point and I used to ski there in the past but I won't much in the future.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice sunny day and I have already tossed my gear into the back of my car so I will go for one more ski in the Cotton Brook area after work. After that it is supposed to thaw again. It's about time...


Eva the Deadbeat said...

You are as obsessed with skiing as I am with editing! nice pic!

Jeff said...

It is the legacy of my days bike racing... if you think artists are obsessed, you should see bike racers. Bike race = freak show on wheels. Some very odd people.