Storm's Aftermath

A rather incongruous sign in Waterbury Center today, after about a foot of wet heavy snow yesterday. I went to Green Mountain Camera & purchased a used polarizing filter to play with and was testing it out. GMC is pretty cool, it is kind of like a camera museum as they have a lot of used gear of every age and format. If I ever wanted to experiment with film I could get an inexpensive 35mm camera there from the old days before electronics and plastics.

I like the camera I have (Canon Powershot s3is) but it is kind of plasticy and cheap feeling. My original point and shoot Canon A60 is made of metal and feels much more substantial. Lately I have been using the A60 again and for web stuff the resolution is more than adequate.

Later this weekend I will post the story of my misadventures getting home last evening in the snow as my six year old car broke down in a very inopportune location (it died) and had to be towed. It was a long and somewhat frantic night...

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

Eeek! Sounds exciting!