A temporary loss of Focus

As I have noted at various points in this blog, I am not much of a fan of cars. I really don't like driving, don't like paying for cars, don't derive any pleasure from maintaining them, etc.

With this in mind, I have managed to make it this far in life with only very rarely having a car loan. I'd rather drive something small and unassuming and PAID FOR than some flashy vehicle with lots of debt attached.

My current ride is a 2001 Ford Focus hatchback that I purchased on Sept. 8, 2001 (I remember the date, because of proximity to 9/11/01). I was working and I had received a large Internet-era severance payment from my previous employer so I was able to write a check and drive away with a 100% paid for new vehicle... which was very nice.

The car has been pretty good to me but now it is getting old and stuff is starting to break. Last winter I was cleaning snow off the windshield and I just touched the antenna and it broke off from corrosion. Several other little things have started to go wrong as well. Until Friday night, however, the car had never stranded me anywhere.

Friday was a messy snowy day here and I worked at home in the morning before finally driving in to work around 11:30. The roads were bad and I was questioning the wisdom of my choice of not putting on snow tires. I made it to work eventually, got stuck in the unplowed driveway, got out after it was plowed, and managed to get some work done.

Friday night it started snowing quite hard again and I was driving home on Rt 100 (busy road) and I was a couple of miles from office. I pressed on the accelerator and there was a clunk and it was if the pedal had broken off completely, the car didn't stall but I was tapping with my foot feeling for the pedal, which wasn't there, it was flush with the floor of the car.

It had been snowing most of the day and the plows hadn't really pushed back the snowbanks yet so I could only get the car about 3/4's of the way off the road. It was murky twilight and snowing hard and visibility sucked so I was having visions of being rear-ended or that a plow would come along and inadvertently demolish my little car.

Anyway with several people's help (I hitched a ride from some strangers, my girlfriend, my boss, etc.) my car did get safely towed to a garage where the accelerator linkage (apparently a cable) will be repaired. Until then I will be taking the Waterbury-Stowe commuter bus back and forth. Taking the bus does appeal to my enviro-political sensibilities but the weather is supposed to be viciously cold and windy (seems like it has been a long winter) so I sure that there will be a certain amount of suffering involved -- the bus stop is some distance from my house.

The day after: My car @ Waterbury Center Auto Repair,
they are good guys, I recommend them!

And, since this post has been about entropy, here are some images from hacking around on skis in the woods yesterday:

Old shack

? I have no idea what this was, before the snow demolished it. Impressive iron box.

A very gloomy grey "sunset"

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yikes! what an adventure! your bloggy is being read all over the world!!