Winter came late, but arrived with a vengeance

...last night was the coldest night of the year, by far. It was really harsh in the early evening as it was well below zero and there was a strong gusty wind. Then the wind died down and the temperature plummeted. There is still several feet of snow on the ground but things are finally supposed to start thawing out this coming weekend.

Mass-transit, Vermont style. The Waterbury-Stowe-Morrisville bus, which I took to work yesterday in quite Arctic conditions. If gas (currently $2.55/gallon) continues to increase in price it might make sense to take the bus to work once or twice a week. But I am already looking forward to starting to commute by bike again. And my car has been repaired so I will back to driving back and forth by myself again for awhile. I am such a hypocrite...if I was serious I would not be driving to work solo every day.

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