Gods of procrastination

I really got remarkably little done yesterday. I had some work (as in my Monday-Friday 40+ hours/week job) to do at home which I started but didn't finish and I still have to do my pain in the @ss Vermont taxes and file the whole package. Instead of doing anything productive (and necessary) I spent the day watching old Sopranos episodes (the Stowe library has seasons 1 - 4), aimlessly being online, and playing with my camera. Above is a shot of the windowsill in my kitchen, a Ganesh, two Buddhas, a rock from the Adirondacks and a porcelain figurine that was included with a box of tea, quite an oddly sentimental collection.

Today I must do what I didn't complete yesterday but still the motivation is lacking, perhaps the atrocious weather -- more mixed snow and rain -- is affecting me. And instead of attending to the tasks on hand I am busy blogging and following Paris-Roubaix on cyclingnews.com.

Finally getting around to finishing my taxes did make me think of Henry David Thoreau and how paying taxes can be seen as acquiescing to the way things are here now. On a Federal level I'm sure my tax payment wouldn't cover even a fraction of some guided munition being expended daily in Iraq or for 15 minutes of treatment for some badly wounded soldier being put back together at Walter Reed hospital. I'm really disgusted by the lack of debate about the cost of the current war -- in both lives and money: Fat and happy in the USA at war. On a local level, Vermont will not implement a SMALL tax on 'gas guzzlers' (re: SUVs) because heaven forbid that there be some disincentive to own a large, heavy, dangerous to others, environment degrading vehicle. And attempts to raise the gas tax (which would be used to pay for transportation infrastructure, not to mention disincenting people from driving, and encouraging shorter commutes, less sprawl, etc.) are verboten as well.... I really think that it will take a catastrophe for people to change, subtly doesn't cut it.


Eva the Deadbeat said...

word. i have been avoiding my taxes for weeks and am finally gonna have to hunker down and pay the gov some dough tonight. curses.

was at the Step it Up rally yesterday and laughing with organizers about how we all drove there! haw!

also talked to a UVM kid about how he lies awake at night worrying about the environment and the future. man, sucks to be young and doomed...

Jeff said...

I feel guilty because I drive to work every day but I think that I will finally be able to start ride my bike to work again; maybe by the end of this week... My small way of thumbing my nose at all the traffic and oversized cars that clog the roads.