Montreal: Easter in the cold gray city

I spent Easter in Montreal with my girlfriend. Winter has returned, it was gray and cold. On Easter Sunday we just walked down St. Catherine's in the afternoon as there wasn't too much going on; ducking into coffee shops, news stands and finally an Irish pub to get warm as needed.

I figured that Chinatown would be going full blast in spite of the holiday and this was very much the case, it was strange to be walking through shops selling the best of bric-a-brac from the East (where does this stuff come from?). We had dinner at a little hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant and then went to a play at the Centaur Theatre.

All in all it was a pretty fun trip but walking around on pavement for the better part of two days did make me appreciate the muddy hiking paths near my home in Waterbury. I also noticed that I looked at the surrounding small Vermont mountains with a new perspective on my drive to work yesterday after wandering through the city with its highrises and cold dirty winds whistling through the public spaces.

I lugged my camera around for the whole trip but didn't really use it very much due to the unpleasant weather. Maybe next time...

Guy selling photographs in the Old Port

Small souvenir of the trip

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