Naturally curly red hair

My sister -- she lives in southern Maine -- visited me the day before Easter which was nice, I missed my mom's Easter dinner as I was in Montreal. It was a fun visit and was the first time she had seen my new place. Her daughter, my niece, is a very cute and precocious child and I made a short video, it's really intended for family, but hey, it's not like this blog has a huge readership, and part of having a site like this, is foraging for 'content', so here it is. There is a red hair gene floating around somewhere in my family background, and the curls must come from the father's side...

Close readers of this blog (I doubt any such personages exist) will note that the art on the wall has been previously featured here and here. The post I wrote about having a Bumbeck painting is probably the most popular single page on the site, for some reason, there are fairly frequent Google searches for "Stefan Bumbeck".

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