Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day. It's one those kind of bogus, fake Hallmark holidays but oh well. My mom is coming over for a late brunch so today I am stressed and running around engaged in a spasm of housework which does not put me in a very good mood. And it's my mom...she isn't going to grade me on how I keep my place, trust me, I know.

My mom has been working half time as a nurse at the hospital in Burlington for quite a few years now but she is finally getting ready to retire, which is good. The work is hard, staff morale is kind of iffy, and some patients are difficult (my mom was once kicked in the head, hard, by a criminal who was coming down off of some drug, and wasn't adequately restrained). Plus the job exposes one to a daily routine of disease, pain and sometimes death that can be quite wearing.

This picture goes back to the late 60s (68? 69? 70?), my mother, very evidently, was not a hippy chick, even in those times. I'm dating myself horribly. My haircut hasn't changed too much through the years, though my hairline is receding now.

And some flowers to mark the occasion:

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