Of moose and men: Images from another day in the woods

True story: This past Friday night I was coming back from a very happy night out on the town with my girlfriend. As we got back to my condo at about 10:15 pm there was a juvenile moose trotting quite nonchalantly through the parking lot, it disappeared through the back yards of the condo complex as we drove up.

Today I went for my usual hike in the Stevensville Brook basin near my home and I was slogging through a swampy moose meadow and this moose decided to bolt from one patch of woods to another. I had noticed it and had the camera out and almost ready but it still isn't the greatest image. This area is like a resort for moose...swampy overgrown hardwood thickets, it is almost impenetrable for humans except when there is snow. There's lots of moose sign.

I like this capture of a small snail on the woodland floor.

The woods are full of wildflowers this time of year.

Bear scat! -- but no bear. I don't know what would have happened, if I had encountered a bear. What would win out: Self preservation or the desire to record the moment for posterity? And I know that black bears are not really dangerous... still, I found this pile of droppings in a really remote spot where a bear would have had quite an advantage in maneuverability compared to me. It was steep, thick and rough.

Things are greening up nicely. Ironically this will put an end to hiking because bugs will come out and underbrush will start coming up (a good part of this hike was way off trail).

The view back towards the reservoir and Waterbury Center.

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