Primordial soup / signs of spring

Some images from a most excellent day in the woods. It is actually a very nice time of year to be out as things are slowly greening up, the woods are open and dry, there are no bugs, and the weather (today at least) can be spectacular.

I walked up a VAST trail near the reservoir, I've been in the general area, but never on this particular piece of land. The woods were beautiful, and, like other parts of Little River State Park, the area is dotted with abandoned homesteads that have gone back to the land -- sprawl in reverse.

Spring flowers in the woods.

I took many photos of this duck -- most of which did not come out well, due to bright sun, reflections, and his incandescent coloring (and a certain lack of skill on my part).

A swirling mass of newly hatched tadpoles. This small pond was a teeming, seething amphibian/reptilian paradise. It was full of jellied egg masses, tadpoles in various states of development, and salamanders. It was interesting to try and capture all this with my camera.


cresmer said...

These photos are awesome! Makes me want to get out from behind my computer screen and go for a hike.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

tadpoles!@!! happy day!