Welcome to the Magic Theater

..."Price of admission, your mind". Also, "Not for everybody". Hesse, Steppenwolf.

Some pictures from the Spielpalast Cabaret show, it plays next weekend in City Hall, Burlington.

My camera does not thrive in low light and there were always lots of hotties twirling around -- there are not many still moments in the show -- so I have lots of arty blurry images that don't show much detail.

I am not a particularly artistic person but there is definitely a side of me that appreciates the idea of spending lots of time, talent and energy on projects outside of work (ie, projects like putting on a cabaret show, bike racing, or even worse, bike race promotion).

This blog doesn't have a lot of readership, and what readership it does have, is scattered throughout the four corners of the world, but if you are in the Burlington area this coming weekend (May 17-19) and want some slightly risque entertainment, check out this show. In addition to the song and dance numbers, which are a real homage to Weimar-era cabaret culture, there are a couple of other interesting aspects to the production. In a state with really remarkably little fashion sense -- jeans and a flannel shirt, is kind of a uniform, for both sexes, and in a wide range of circumstances -- this show is a refreshing change of pace because of the costumes... also the band is really excellent.

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Eva the Deadbeat said...

thanks for the most awesome pics! oooh, how j'adore le cabaret!